Brachyatherapy Consultant

Becca came with me to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge for today’s visit to see the Brachyatherapy Consultant

Appointment at 10 we got there with time to spare, nice hospital, checked in, bang on 10 we got called through

good to finally meet someone who wasn’t so far up his back side, found out a lot more about the procedures

up to about 70 radioactive seeds are implanted into the Prostate, very similar to the Biopsy, takes about 2 hours,

Seems the waiting list for a Prostate operation isn’t long, was told  from when I say yes to the completion, will happen within

30 days, discussed my options with Becca, Nicky, Mum, John and Mary, looking to have the operation in August.

Had another PSA Blood test this week, results are up to 7.75 from last one in February which was 5.70