Dartford crossing

Dartford Crossing,Dart Charge, Penalties & Exempt

About the New Dart Charge

The Dartford Crossing is a vital  transport link.

A road user charge has been collected since 2003, Revenues from the charge must, by Law be spent on transport improvements.

A new system for collecting the charge is now in place, this started on 30th November 2014

  • New remote payment option to be known as the Dart Charge, no longer will you be able to pay at the barrier
  • Will still be free to cross between 10pm -6am every day
  • The road layout will change and the existing barriers will be removed

The New Charges

ClassDescriptionPrepayWithout Account
BCars, Motorhomes, Minibuses with no more than 9 seats£1.67£2.50
C2 axle goods vehicles (including car based vans) and2 axle buses with more than 9 seats£2.63£3.00
D Multi Axle goods and passenger vehicles£5.19£6.00



You must pay if you use the Dartford Crossing between 6am and 10pm. You must pay by midnight on the day after you cross.

The fee depends on the type of vehicle you have and whether you’ve set up an account or not.

Dartford crossing penalties

Travel on M25, Use the Dartford Crossing, Dartford to Thurrock,

You must remember to pay the fee by midnight on the day following crossing otherwise you will face the following penalty/fines.

  • £35 or €45.67 per crossing if paid within 14 days.
  • £70 or €91.34 per crossing if paid within 28 days.
  • £105 or €137.01 if paid after 28 days.

You will also be required to pay the outstanding crossing charge.

Avoid these fines by registering your vehicles get an account set up and save.

Who is Exempt

Mopeds, Motorcycles, Tricycles and Quadricycles can use the crossing for free.

Vehicles that are currently exempt from the road user charge will still be exempt this includes vehicles exempt from excise duty,

if they are used by or used to transport someone with a disability.

It is the vehicle that is exempt not the person, so blue badge users still liable for the charge


Got a question

Dart Charge Customer Service 0300 300 0120