March 8th 2018

Prostate Template Biopsy


this involved General Anesthetic and a couple of days off work and a number of samples taken from the prostate (30+) Having had a couple of conversations with the hospital Urology department (ohhh an Ology must be a degree) Had the Biopsy done today, went to hospital for 12 noon today, had a few tests done and went for the Biopsy at 15:00. Came out at 16:00.

How many times have you wanted to go to the toilet but couldn’t because you thought it would hurt, needless to say James and I were still at the hospital at 19:30, having passed out on the toilet, eventually we were released to a night of care with my very caring son

The after effects are quite obvious and at times painful, signs of blood in the various secretions, and walking as if I have spent the day riding a horse, I guess I must have been in stirrups for the Biopsy………….Waiting for the results 2 weeks they said