March 22nd 2018


Results day


It was deemed necessary that I visit the hospital today for my results, not wanting to lose too much money, they managed to get me in before the early appointments, I was there at 08:00 and was seen early too…………The next bit is a bit of a shock  I am sorry to say you have Prostate Cancer, its very low risk, out of the samples taken 6 showed showed up with Cancer cells, the Lady that talked me through the next 15 minutes of so was very nice and helpful, she is Wendy my keyworker a Macmillan Nurse Specialist……… I have to decide what course of action to take, I have 4 options and I will try and explain these a bit more over the coming days, I will be updating this Blog when there is more to tell……….


If you are reading this and are in the age range 45 to 60 and you haven’t had a blood test recently, don’t wait go to your doctors and ask for a PSA blood test